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How Can You Benefit From Roof Surveys With A Drone?

what is the purpose of roof surveys with a drone


where to get roof surveys with a drone


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Are roof surveys with a drone the future of building surveys in London? We think so. We at Environ Property Services are proud to be one of the first property service companies to place the emphasis on the latest drone technology, in order to provide the best and most accurate building survey results for our clients.

Using our state-of-the-art drones, we can access new heights, gain unparalleled visibility, and bring down the costs and time associated with building surveys in your local area. But first, what is a building survey, and why do you need one?

Building surveys are extremely useful for a number of reasons. They allow highly trained surveyors to provide a detailed analysis of a structure and its current condition.

If a homeowner or property manager needs to have a survey conducted in order to locate and detail the extent of any damage, a survey allows our roofing specialists to determine what irregularities or problems exist on the exterior of the property. We can also make informed recommendations on what needs to be done to fix issues quickly and effectively.


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So, what is a drone, and how does it help? A drone is a small remote-controlled aerial vehicle that is equipped with a powerful 4K HD camera.

A truly remarkable piece of technology, our drones can reach heights of 400 feet while being able to take impressively clear video and precise still shots of small or large areas, depending on what is required.

Our surveyors are expertly trained to fly and manoeuvre the drone to meet each of your surveying needs, quickly, accurately and safely, which is why they are a highly useful addition to our services.

who has the cheapest roof surveys with a drone

What does a drone survey look like at Environ?

At Environ Property Services, we’re enthusiastic about the opportunities drones present for carrying out building surveys, because we understand how time-consuming and costly a traditional building survey can be for our clients.

When called out to conduct a roof survey, many companies will usually have to put up scaffolding if they cannot gain a sufficient view from ground level or access the area with ladders, and they will charge for the hire of this scaffold as part of their property inspection costs for the building.

For a terraced property, this could cost the homeowner or property manager upwards of £600. Our drone services provide a much better alternative at a fraction of the price, and the process generally takes less than an hour. The results are a high-quality video survey at your convenience.

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what is the purpose of roof surveys with a drone

What is the process of a drone survey with Environ Property Services?

  • Call our coordinators to book a drone survey: If, for example, a customer calls with a damp problem in their property’s interior, our expert coordinators will arrange for one of our building surveyors to visit the property with one of our state-of-the-art drones. They will produce a high-quality video survey that can help us identify any damage or cause behind the damp.
  • Our expert surveyors will use the drone to find any issues on your roof or property: Our surveyor will use the drone to get a bird’s-eye view of the roof, as well as a close-up inspection of any possible damage to the chimney stacks, roof tiles, and guttering. They will evaluate the condition of the roof in real-time. While on-site, our surveyor will also check the exterior surrounding the property for any damage or areas that may need attention and include that information in the report too.
  • We provide full video and photo evidence of what we find during the survey: Once we have completed our visit, we can provide a 4K quality video of the survey itself. In our final report, we will highlight specific issues in different areas using high definition photos taken with the drone.
  • Quick, efficient and cost-effective: As a homeowner or a property manager, you do not want to pay for scaffolding only to find out that the extent of the damage is just two missing tiles; or perhaps that the roof itself is intact and the damp issue is coming from some other issue. Roof surveys with a drone will allow us to check every aspect of the roof itself in a far faster and more cost-effective way.
  • We’ll go over the results and create tailor-made solutions to any problems we find: If we find that repairs do need doing, and that warrants scaffolding, we will then discuss our findings with you and provide our expert recommendations for remedial works moving forward.

Drone roof surveys are a far more efficient way of checking a building for damage than other methods and will save our clients time and money. We highly recommend using the option as part of our building survey services.

What are the benefits of using a drone for surveys?

Faster: There is no question that the process of erecting scaffolding, inspecting an entire roof of a building or home, and then taking individual photos of areas of damage is both time-consuming and disruptive to our clients.

Roof surveys with drones remove the need to use scaffolding, or even ladders, for a survey, meaning that roof or building surveys can be carried out in a much shorter time. On average, a drone survey can be completed within an hour, and yet within that time, you will have access to an entire survey video with detailed photos of any damage we have found.

Safer: There is no need to put individuals at risk by asking them to work at height when drones can easily access the area. Drone surveys remove the unnecessary risk of setting up scaffolding and having a surveyor checking for damage on a roof without knowing what may be up there.

Instead, our expert surveyors can manoeuvre our state-of-the-art drones to access any point of the roof or building, all while watching the 4K video stream in real-time to identify any possible issues that could be causing damp or other problem.

Cost-Effective: The scaffolding required for traditional building surveys can prove expensive for homeowners or property managers, starting on average at £600 or more. Our drone roof survey in London is a fraction of the cost and produces faster and more reliable results. The quicker we can identify the problem, the sooner you can get it fixed.

Better access: A drone roof survey allows unparalleled access to all hard-to-reach areas on the roof or higher levels of a building that can be difficult for individuals to reach, even with scaffolding. With maximum height of 400 feet, there are very few places our drones cannot access.

And, because the drone is small and highly manoeuvrable, our expert surveyors can fly them as close to the area of inspection as needed, while also being able to video and photograph any findings in real-time.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our services, fill in our contact form at or call us on 0203 875 8207.


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What is a drone survey?

Drone surveys are one of the safest and fastest ways to survey roofs with a bird’s-eye view – the team at Environ offer this service at a highly competitive drone roof survey cost.

Drone surveys are also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), or simply aerial surveys. This service is now becoming increasingly popular in the roofing and surveying industries.

Can drones measure roofs?

Drones don’t just provide you with a clear view of your rooftop – they also allow you to take accurate measurements. Drone operators can use roof measuring programs and applications with drones to get high-resolution imagery of the roof in order to take measurements for replacement or repairs.

What is the best drone for roof inspections?

The best drone for roof surveys is one equipped with superb 4K HD cameras. These drones will take high-quality images of a rooftop area, allowing you to see close-up the areas that need repair or improvement. Drones should be able to climb to sufficient heights to be able to take videos and images at the best possible angles – at least 400ft is typical.

Do home inspectors use drones?

Increasing numbers of home and roof inspectors use drones for roof and ceiling inspection using RPAS nowadays. However, property inspectors must be qualified before they can operate drones outdoors. Drones should also be registered with the appropriate authority and all guidelines should be followed while the drone is in operation.

Do roofers use drones?

Yes, some roofers now routinely use drones to determine which parts of roofs need repairs and maintenance. Climbing on top of a roof to carry out a property inspection can be dangerous and time-consuming. Fortunately, house inspection using RPAS allows roofers to safely inspect roofs, quickly and with effective results too.

Can I use a drone to inspect my roof?

Various regulations cover the operation of drones, especially in built-up areas, so only properly qualified professionals can inspect roofs using this technology. What’s more, it’s worth bearing in mind that expert roofers know where to look to identify typical problem areas on residential or commercial properties to establish whether aspects need fixing or maintaining. It’s recommended that you work with a professional when it comes to carrying out drone roof surveys.

How much does a roof survey cost in the UK?

The drone roof survey cost in the UK depends on the size of your property, the nature of the construction, and accessibility issues. As an example, a roof survey carried out on a single storey property or a flat roof will cost in the region of £150 to £250.

How much area can a drone cover?

Generally, entry-level commercial drones can inspect an area of up to 100 acres on one battery. A drone can cover more if the operator is equipped with extra batteries during the drone roof inspection. Battery life is the only significant factor affecting the area covered, as the drone itself can negotiate all other obstacles.

How do you survey with a drone?

Our roofers use the latest drones and equipment to conduct a roof inspection. We utilise accurate software programs to ensure that we get the best quality pictures possible.

First, we plan the drone flight before flying and reviewing your roof. Afterwards, we process the images taken to give a clear view of your property.

What is the main purpose of a drone?

The main reasons for conducting a roof survey with a drone is to reduce the overall cost and time spent; as well as better managing the safety risks associated with climbing up to roof level and manually inspecting it.

With the advanced technology involved, we can obtain an accurate, close-up view of your roof to enable us and you to make better decisions on how to repair or maintain it. If you’re interested in our services, why not give us a call today?

How Drones Collect In-Depth Data

Roofers use high-quality cameras installed in drones to inspect every part of the property’s roof, which allows them to collect accurate information quickly and easily.

A roof survey with a drone in London is usually cheaper, more efficient, and more accurate than a manual inspection. With the advanced cameras, the property inspector can access narrow and hard-to-reach spaces, which means they can capture even more information about a roof that they may not necessarily have been able to access if they had inspected the area manually.

Moreover, roofers can use the drones to take photos and videos of the same roof area at different times, so that, for example, before and after repair pictures are possible. In-built GPS systems allow drones’ operators to capture images and videos from exactly the same height and angle each time, which is nearly impossible if done manually.

With advanced drones with quality cameras, roofers can assess and carry out the work much faster than with manual roof inspections. This also means that you, as a customer, waste less time waiting for the results of any UAV inspection on roof areas.

Importance Of Drone Roof Inspection

Drone roof inspections are important for establishing whether your roof needs repairs and maintenance. However, that’s not the only reason property owners are seeking drone roof inspections.

If you’re planning to sell your property in the near future, paying the drone roof survey cost in London will enable you to acquire an estimated fair selling price. A detailed roof inspection will also show any areas of damage that you may want to have fixed to increase the property’s value, and such a report will also be a valuable asset when you are negotiating the sale of your property too. If repairs are needed, roofers can give more accurate estimates of how long the work will take and how much it will cost.

Aside from a property’s value, drone roof inspections can also help with insurance claims. After periods of storms, high winds or even snowfall, property owners may suspect roof damage and can use the results of a drone roof inspection to inform their insurance claims.

How Drone Software Detects Hidden Water Leaks

There are a lot of benefits to drone roof inspections. One example of where an aerial drone overview for housetop viewing is beneficial is if the property owner suspects that their roof has water leaks in its roof envelope. Because this area is usually hidden from view, it can be difficult to determine whether this is the case. A drone with advanced software and thermal sensors, however, can assess the area and detect the presence of water, which enables experienced roofers to assess how best to rectify the problem.

Hidden problems like this can worsen and cause significant damage to buildings’ structures, so being able to identify issues early through drone roof inspections can save a client’s money over the longer term.

If you are interested in accurate UAV footage for rooftop areas on your property, call our team today. We will be able to provide you with accurate details about your roof and any areas that may need repair or maintenance.